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Phineas and Ferb “Mind Share” Review

The gang switches bodies with alien tourists only to realize they were actually duped by criminals; stranded in the alien prison. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz tries to impress a girl named Rosie by making special boots that would make him the perfect square dancer. So far this episode is the only season 4 episode that I didn’t like it and It wasn’t good as I expected. The idea of this episode is great but this episode could have been much better. Some parts of this episode was very boring. I thought Phineas/Ferb plot was a little better than Perry/Doof plot but both of them were mediocre. The idea of Phineas/Ferb plot was great but that plot could have been better. Perry/Doof plot could have been better If Dr. Doofenshmirtz was evil and created a inator in this episode. There were good and funny moments too. It was funny that Buford body is stwicted with an alien fly body and everyone wanted to eat Buford. It was hilarious when the aliens (in human bodies) are hypnotized by square dance and they started dancing. The ending credits of this episode was funny too. The song of this episode was good but not one of my favorite season 4 songs. Bully Bust was the worst episode of season 4 (I liked this episode too) but It’s changed after I saw this episode. This episode is not a bad episode, It’s just mediocre, Also I’ve seen worse episode than this. 5.5/10